Custom Solutions

  • Data Preloading

    We can preload data if customers need, such as files, PDFs, Photos, Music.

  • Secure Partition

    Data preloaded in a separate, partition cannot be erased even if the drive is formatted.

  • Volume Label

    We can give the name to your USB Flash Drive if you need, this name is no more than 11 characters.

  • Auto Run

    Exteral URLs, Applications, Presentations, Movies can be automatically launched.

  • Locked/Hidden Content

    Your certain preloaded content in partition can be locked down and hidden.

  • Pantone Colors Matching

    Logo print and certain colors of housing can be customized if you send Pantone numbers.

Printing Options

  • Silk print on Plastic

  • Silk print on Silicone

  • Silk print on Metal

  • Embossed on Leather

  • Silk print on Wood

  • Engrave on Wood

  • Engrave on Metal

  • Full color Printing

  • Epoxy